Great Design. Better Life.

Al Stratford Pr.Arch. (founder 1983), has always approached his world by re-thinking and innovating new ways to reduce products and systems to their basic elements and functional requirements, this he terms “Reductive Innovation”. He adopted this approach into his architectural expression, and furniture design.

When building his own house in 1982, he decided to re-think the standard window application and through a simple innovative process came up with the Winblok® Total Window System. This system reduced the need for lintels, sills and reveals, and could be built in as part of the brick work, totally disrupting the building industry. Winblok® preempted “energy efficiency” and spoke a strong architectural language, reducing the cost and implementation of windows into buildings, claiming “the cheapest way to allow light into a building”.

Wintec® Innovation as a company has adopted Al’s innovative process and come up with the approach that if something is well designed, it will create a better life for the end user. This has inspired our philosophy of: Great Design, Better Life.

We are driven by creating innovative systems and products and “disrupting” the industries and spaces that they occupy. Furthermore introducing Winstep®, Windeck®, Winslot®, and StratFlex® into the market. Wintec® Innovation acts as the platform to service, manufacture and distribute our Architectural Systems and Interior Products on a National and International level.